Whether your organisation is in the community,  government or business sector, understanding Te Tiriti and knowing how to honour it in your work is critical.

We’ve been teaching people about Te Tiriti and developing high-quality learning resources to support Te Tiriti application for over 20 years. 

While we’ve been doing this mahi for a while, we are continually keeping our work fresh through new content and delivery approaches. Our new online delivery approach provides engaging, accessible and flexible learning.

our workshops

Our workshops are designed for you to create a learning pathway to suit your organisation. Start with a self-paced workshop to gain a shared foundational understanding of Te Tiriti. Move to considering Te Tiriti application in your context through a facilitated or self-paced workshop. Strengthen the impact of your Te Tiriti honouring action with an embedding workshop.

Stage 1: understanding

Honouring Te Tiriti within organisations requires a shared understanding of the historical and current significance of Te Tiriti.

Understanding Te Tiriti workshops provide this foundation.

Choose between concise or in-depth workshop options.

Stage 2: applying

Once you have a foundational understanding of Te Tiriti, the critical next step is knowing its relevance and application to your work.

These workshops bring together our experience in applying Te Tiriti with your organisational knowledge to generate Te Tiriti honouring action.


This workshop builds on the organisational progress made since Stage 2. It provides a space to reflect on daily work and provides guidance around how to sustain action.

The workshop strengthens individual and collective practice to support the realisation of Te Tiriti commitments.

delivery modes

self-paced workshops

Looking for immediately available, affordable, flexible learning? Book a self-paced workshop now.

  • You can register for any of our self-paced workshops at any time.
  • There’s no limit on the number of people you can register.
  • Many organisations use self-paced workshops as part of induction for new kaimahi.
  • Self-paced workshops provide six months’ access to content.

Self-paced learning allows you to engage with Te Tiriti in your own time and space. People in our workshops often say that deciding where and when they learn has helped them engage with content that can be confronting and emotional. They also appreciate being able to return to the material to absorb more over time.

We now offer a SCORM package to facilitate direct access to Groundwork’s Understanding Te Tiriti o Waitangi (concise) workshop from your learning management system. Please contact us for more information.

facilitated workshops

Willing to commit time and resources to creating long-term change? Find out about our facilitated workshops.

We offer facilitated online application workshops as part of a package for organisations committed to Te Tiriti honouring.

These workshops are designed for groups of 16 or more participants.
If you have smaller numbers we suggest you either:

  • do our self-paced application workshop, or
  • connect with other organisations in your sector and do the workshop together.

Enquire about a facilitated workshop.
Find out about our self-paced application workshop.

THE BENEFITS OF Online workshops

Our online facilitated workshops are dynamic and impactful. Benefits of online delivery include:

      • It’s safe and reliable – workshops can go ahead when Covid is circulating without creating a risk to anyone’s health, leading to higher attendance.
      • More people get to share – our interactive methods are inclusive of those who prefer not to speak in a large group but are happy to participate in chat and breakout rooms online.
      • You create a useful resource – we provide you with collated chat notes after the workshop. These are a resource for reflection and organisational action planning.
      • It’s time efficient – we use online tools to work in time efficient ways without losing impact. We can cover more content in a shorter amount of time than face to face delivery.
      • It’s low-carbon and cost-effective – there’s no travel required, and no venue or catering costs.

Preview our self-paced content here

Common Questions

Where does Groundwork offer workshops?

Our facilitated workshops are conducted online. You can attend those, or take our self-paced online workshops from anywhere in the motu, or the world!

We offer face-to-face onsite workshops in specific circumstances for organisations in or around Te Whanganui-a-Tara (Wellington region).

Are Groundwork workshops facilitated by Māori or tangata Tiriti (non-Māori) educators?

Our approach as tangata Tiriti educators is to work in relationship with Māori staff or advisors who want initial Te Tiriti education to be led by tangata Tiriti. 

We work closely with Māori within organisations to ensure our workshops support and align with strategic Te Tiriti work that kaimahi Māori are leading. This can include presenting information specific to your organisation within the workshop. 

On occasion we are asked to work alongside external Māori facilitators. We are happy to do this, but developing good working relationships is important to us and can take time. This may be a factor in any package we put together for you.

Do kaimahi Māori attend your workshops?

We support the right of kaimahi Māori to decide to attend training with Māori or tangata Tiriti facilitators (or both). Kaimahi Māori also have the right to decide whether they would prefer to attend training alongside their tangata Tiriti colleagues or in a separate space.

We work hard to build an environment that is both safe and responsive. Feedback from Māori participants is overwhelmingly positive and supportive of our approach.

If you choose to work with us and kaimahi Māori are required to attend the workshop, it’s important that you communicate with staff before the workshop about why you’ve chosen Groundwork as a provider.

How does Groundwork decide which organisations to work with?

There is high demand for our workshops. We take this as a positive sign that organisations understand the vital need to incorporate Te Tiriti into their daily work. We are responding to this demand by growing our accessible self-paced workshop options.

We prioritise who we work directly with by considering; potential beneficial impacts for Māori, organisational commitment to change, along with reach and relationships.

How much do workshops cost?

Our rates are on a sliding scale. Pricing can be found on individual workshop pages.

Costs depend on the length of a workshop, whether it’s self-paced or facilitated, the size and nature of your organisation, whether you want us to tailor workshops for you, and the number of workshops you want.

We want to learn about tikanga and te reo Māori too, can you help?

As a tangata Tiriti-led organisation we don’t offer tikanga and te reo training. However, our Te Tiriti workshops are a critical component of capability building. If you’re at the start of your organisational journey it can be valuable to undertake a Te Tiriti workshop before or alongside building understanding of Te Ao Māori as understanding our history helps tangata Tiriti understand the importance of engaging with Te Ao Māori.