Our workshops support individuals to build their understanding of Te Tiriti and what it means today. Choose a concise or in-depth Understanding Te Tiriti course. Then explore our resources to extend your learning and embed Te Tiriti honouring in your daily action. If you are in the education sector, you can move on to our Te Tiriti in Education workshop. 

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Stage 1: understanding

Honouring Te Tiriti requires an understanding of the historical and current significance of Te Tiriti.

Understanding Te Tiriti workshops provide this foundation.

Choose between concise or in-depth self-paced workshop options.

Stage 2: applying

Once you have a foundational understanding of Te Tiriti, the critical next step is knowing its relevance to your work.

This workshop is for those working in the education sector who want to understand the role of Te Tiriti in education and initial actions you can take to uphold Te Tiriti .

Groundwork provides

Te Tiriti Resources