This half or full-day workshop supports non-indigenous people to reflect on and develop their skills for working in support of indigenous issues.
Te Tiriti o Waitangi provides the political framework for relationships between the first peoples of Aotearoa and those who came later. The concept of working as allies, considers the critical issue of how non-indigenous people might contribute usefully to these relationships.
Drawing on local and international learning, this course provides an introduction to the concept of ‘Working as allies’ and explores its application in specific contexts. Participants will:
  • Increase their understanding of the ally role
  • Consider some of the challenges of working as allies and responses to these
  • Explore challenges and responses in relation to their own context/s.

To ensure people are starting from a shared base understanding, attending our one day Understanding Te Tiriti workshop is a prerequisite to a Working as allies workshop.

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You can also find links to resources on being an effective ally, including information on the book Working as Allies, in our Resources section.