This succinct and engaging 2.5 hour workshop is designed as a starting point for individuals and organisations who want to understand Te Tiriti o Waitangi as a step towards upholding it in their lives and work.

The workshop provides participants with an overview of:

  • Pre-treaty relationships
  • Te Tiriti context and content
  • Colonisation and its impacts
  • Recent issues and action

The workshop is delivered as self-paced online learning and includes videos, reflective activities and reading. The content is in sections and you can stop and start as you wish. You have access to the material for 12 weeks.

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For organisations: 

We offer Understanding Te Tiriti (concise) in conjunction with a half-day Applying Te Tiriti workshop. Read more about how we work and then contact us about your requirements.

“A huge thank you from Harrison Grierson for the online Understanding Te Tiriti – concise workshop. We had consistently great feedback – our people found the content and format engaging. It was great for those who are new to NZ and also those who needed a refresher on Te Tiriti.”

Hannah Payne-Harker, Senior Planner at Harrison Grierson