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For organisations that are committed to long-term Te Tiriti-honouring change, we can customise packages that include our workshops along with strategic planning, evaluation and mentoring.

If you have landed on this page because you’re not sure where to begin on your organisational journey, please head over to our organisational workshops as this is the starting place for you.

Strategic planning

Do you want to clarify what Te Tiriti means for your organisation? Do you need to articulate your commitments and bring them to life in your work?

We help you develop strategy and plans to embed and enact Te Tiriti.

We combine our knowledge of Te Tiriti and organisational change with skilful facilitation to help you progress your journey.

We can work with you to:

  • clarify your position on Te Tiriti
  • document your Te Tiriti commitments
  • create a plan, strategy, or framework to bring your stated commitments to life.



Do you need to work out how well your project, programme or organisation is fulfilling its objectives? Do you have great words on paper but you’re not sure about how these statements are informing organisational practice?

Groundwork is experienced in undertaking organisational Te Tiriti reviews.

We’ll work with you to identify the key questions that can strengthen your organisational practice, and the appropriate approach to gathering data. Our reporting will ensure you have clear, useful data and recommendations to inform the next stages of your organisational journey.


Are you a leader needing support to make structural Te Tiriti honouring change? Would you benefit from one-to-one advice to lead transformative change in your organisation or sector?

Jen Margaret provides mentoring and supervision for change-leaders.

Because of the high demands on Jen’s time, these services are limited and attract standard professional supervision fees.


Rates for tailored solutions are on a sliding scale.
Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Before you get in touch, please confirm that you have:

– explored our workshop options
– are wanting strategic planning, evaluation or mentoring support (or a package)

Please note, due to high demand we’re not able to respond to all requests for tailored support.

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