Do you want to clarify what the treaty means for your organisation? Do you need to articulate your commitments and bring them to life in your work?

Groundwork can support organisations at all stages of Te Tiriti-based change to plan strategic approaches to applying Te Tiriti. Whether you have a specific direction which you need support to move towards, or want guidance on the next steps to take, we combine our knowledge of Te Tiriti and of organisational change with skillful facilitation to help you progress your journey.

We can work with you to:

  • clarify your positioning on Te Tiriti
  • document Te Tiriti commitments
  • create a plan to bring your stated commitments to life

Strategic planning and facilitation is also a natural fit with treaty training. For example, after working with you to develop or refine your plans, Groundwork can work with staff to support their understanding of those plans.

Contact us about your strategic planning needs now.