Sector specific workshops are designed to build organisational capability to uphold Te Tiriti o Waitangi. Tailored to align with the kaupapa of your organisation, through this workshop participants will:

  • understand the historical and current relevance of Te Tiriti
  • understand the on-going impacts of colonisation – including inequity and institutional racism
  • gain an appreciation of the relevance of Te Tiriti to their sector / organisation
  • identify, and feel empowered to undertake, collective and personal actions to address inequity and uphold Te Tiriti.

We currently offer the workshop using a blend of online self-paced and in-person (in-house or via Zoom) delivery. It can also be delivered as a 2-day in-house workshop (Covid permitting).

We work with government agencies, private and community sector organisations across a range of sectors including; education, housing and urban development, science and research, local government and health.

If growing organisational Te Tiriti capability is what you need, get in touch.