3.5 hours online, self-paced or facilitated, for organisations

This workshop will help your organisation bring Te Tiriti to life. Reflect on your Te Tiriti understanding and develop actions that will embed Te Tiriti in your everyday work.

You can do this workshop as a group at your own pace online, or facilitated by one of our team via Zoom.

what's covered?

  • Te Tiriti context
  • Spaces of change – national, local, personal
  • Te Tiriti application
  • Action planning


By the end of this workshop, you’ll:

  • understand the relevance of Te Tiriti to your organisation/sector
  • know what’s needed for successful Te Tiriti application
  • be able to plan and act using Te Tiriti as a framework.


    Registering for the self-paced workshop gives you six months’ access to:

    • workshop videos
    • interactive activities
    • reflective activities
    • downloadable resources for action planning.

    Registering for the facilitated delivery gives you:

    • a 3.5 hour facilitated workshop via Zoom
    • resources for action planning.

    Learning pathway

    Before undertaking this workshop, you need to complete one of our Understanding Te Tiriti workshops.  We recommend you do that in the fortnight prior to this application workshop.
    You need a minimum of 16 people for the facilitated workshop.

    Who’s this for?
    This workshop is for organisations who have a shared foundational understanding of Te Tiriti and want to turn this knowledge into action.

    how does the self-paced workshop work?

    Applying Te Tiriti is available as a self-paced online workshop called Ngā Rerenga o Te Tiriti: Te Tiriti in Practice. The self-paced workshop provides a flexible and affordable approach where you manage your own learning experience.

    The workshop is designed to be undertaken as a group either together in person or remotely. As well as group discussions and activities, it includes videos, reflective activities and readings. It takes 3-4 hours to complete and can be undertaken in parts. You have access to the workshop for six months.

    Each person who is registered for the workshop receives a login so they can access the workshop materials. When you meet as a group to undertake the workshop, one person screen shares the videos and you work through the content together.  It is useful to decide in advance how notes of group discussions will be recorded.

    “Jen delivered an excellent workshop to our team of He Tohu Learning Facilitators via Zoom conference. It was equally as effective as her face-to-face workshop which a number of the team had done previously. The presentation was highly engaging, interactive and Jen successfully created a space for safe learning and our open honest discussions reflected this.”

    “Thank you to the expert facilitators. It is an emotional journey for me because it impacts me and my whānau everyday so having Tangata Tiriti carry this burden will lighten the load.”

    “Very good workshop – certainly increased my awareness of NZ history and how colonization has shaped the country we are today.  It highlighted individual and organisational opportunities and importance for incorporating learnings.”

    “I loved the two days, [Understanding and Applying] I learnt so much. I cannot wait to recommend this to my colleagues and I hope this is well attended going forward. It has also reiterated the importance of knowing our responsibilities both as a public servant and as a person of NZ.”

    “Really appreciated Jen’s active feedback and engagement with our teams kōrero and pātai. Lots of practical advice and work specific application of honoring Te Tiriti within our work. Within a short period of time you got a sense of the depth of Jen’s wisdom and insight into the issues and history covered in the workshop.

    pricing (self-paced)

    Groundwork aims to make Te Tiriti education accessible for everyone. We have different rates for our workshops depending on what type of organisation you are. A discount is applied if you buy multiple registrations at the same time. You also receive a discount if you purchase Stage 1 and 2 (Understanding and Applying) workshops together.

    Organisation type
    Price per person (excl. gst)
    Small community organisation
    Larger not-for-profit organisation
    Government and private sector
    No. of participants
    Workshop package
    Stages 1 and 2 purchased together

    self-paced delivery

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    21-49 5% $85.50
    50-99 10% $81.00
    100-249 15% $76.50
    250+ 20% $72.00
    Quantity Discount Per Item Price
    1-20 0% $67.00
    21-49 5% $63.65
    50-99 10% $60.30
    100-249 15% $56.95
    250+ 20% $53.60
    Quantity Discount Per Item Price
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    21-49 5% $42.75
    50-99 10% $40.50
    100-249 15% $38.25
    250+ 20% $36.00

    Note: Select the number of participants taking the course.

    GST is applied when entering payment details.

    online facilitated delivery

    interested in what’s next?

    After completing this course, organisations can continue to Stage 3: Embedding Te Tiriti


    This workshop builds off the organisational progress made since Stage 2. It provides a space to reflect on daily work and provides guidance around how to sustain action.

    The workshop strengthens individual and collective practice to support the realisation of Te Tiriti commitments.