5 hours facilitated (online) for organisations

Tailored to align with your organisational kaupapa, this workshop builds capability to create Te Tiriti honouring change in your organisation/sector.

what's covered?

  • Te Tiriti issues in our sector/organisation
    • Impacts of colonisation
    • Institutional racism and implicit bias
  • Elements of successful Te Tiriti implementation
  • Te Tiriti as a framework for action


By the end of this course, you’ll:

  • understand the on-going impacts of colonisation in your sector
  • gain an appreciation how to effectively apply Te Tiriti in your organisation
  • identify collective and personal actions to uphold Te Tiriti in your mahi.


    You will receive:

    • a 5 hour facilitated online workshop tailored to your sector
    • workshop slides
    • a record of your workshop discussions.

      who's it for?

      Before undertaking this workshop, you need to complete one of our Understanding Te Tiriti workshops. We recommend you do an Understanding Te Tiriti workshop in the fortnight prior to this application workshop.
      You need a minimum of 16 people for the workshop.

      Who’s this for
      This workshop is for organisations wanting to grow their Te Tiriti capability. We work with government agencies and private and community sector organisations across a range of sectors including:

      • housing and urban development
      • science and research

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      “When looking at Te Tiriti o Waitangi training I knew our people would have a mix of experience and knowledge; from those that say ‘another treaty training!’ to those fresh and new on the journey. Groundwork training really hit the mark! From feedback it was the best Te Tiriti training people had ever had, to the challenging conversations we are engaging in on where to next. Jen and her team are leading the way in building Tangata Tiriti understanding and growth.”

      “Good mix of reading and group discussions. The breakout activities were great in terms of being time-bound and focused as well as mixing up members of groups at each round. This was a fantastic course that was accessible and easily digestible. I would recommend that everyone should do this course!”

      “A much-needed, exceptional introduction to Te Tiriti o Waitangi and what it means to be tangata tiriti. I certainly hope that this course becomes part of the CRI learning pathway.”

      “Tough content presented in a consumable way. Food for thought. Forces one to really think about history and what the impacts are till today. Facilitator was amazing. Learned so much. Inspired me to do a better job. Reinforced that the effort we are doing in my project (which at times feels really hard) is worth it!”

      “Ka rawe, koutou! Ngā mihi nui mō te awhi me te mahi whakarīrā. I feel empowered. Kia ora rawa atu.”

      interested in what’s next?

      After completing this course, organisations can continue to Stage 3: Embedding Te Tiriti


      This workshop builds off the organisational progress made since Stage 2. It provides a space to reflect on daily work and provides guidance around how to sustain action.

      The workshop strengthens individual and collective practice to support the realisation of Te Tiriti commitments.