5 hours facilitated (online), 6 hours facilitated (on-site) for organisations

This workshop provides vital learning for anyone working in health. Understand the underpinnings of health inequity for Māori and the relevance of Te Tiriti to health provision today. Learn how to embed Te Tiriti into everyday practice. Recognise the necessity for Te Tiriti honouring change in the health sector. 

what's covered?

  • Colonisation as a determinant of health inequity
  • Addressing institutional racism and ethnic bias
  • Te Tiriti as a framework for action


By the end of this course, you’ll:

  • understand the on-going impacts of colonisation and racism on health outcomes
  • gain an appreciation of the central role of Te Tiriti in quality health provision
  • identify collective and personal actions to uphold Te Tiriti in your daily practice.


    You will receive:

    • a 5 hour facilitated workshop tailored to your sector
    • workshop slides
    • a record of your workshop discussions.

    Learning pathway

    Before undertaking this workshop, you need to complete one of our Understanding Te Tiriti workshops.
    You need a minimum of 16 people for the workshop.

    Who’s this for?
    This workshop is for health organisations who have a shared foundational understanding of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and want to work towards embedding this in their practice.

    We recommend you do an Understanding Te Tiriti workshop in the fortnight prior to this application workshop

    get in touch

    “Really awesome, well-organised and balanced workshop. It was really relevant to my work, and offered tangible actions and positive steps forward, so I feel well equipped to implement Te Tiriti into my work!”

    “Comprehensive, well-structured, felt really respected as a Māori person doing this and being given the opportunity to add my kōrero.”

    “Great delivery of a topic that can be confronting to many. Delivered with sensitivity and compassion yet with the strong messages right in front of our eyes.”

    “A very good session. 10/10. In a way I prefer doing online workshops as having different break-out rooms gives you a wider range of perspectives and voices that you were wouldn’t otherwise hear if you had the same groups every time.”

    interested in what’s next?

    After completing this course, organisations can continue to Stage 3: Embedding Te Tiriti


    This workshop builds off the organisational progress made since Stage 2. It provides a space to reflect on daily work and provides guidance around how to sustain action.

    The workshop strengthens individual and collective practice to support the realisation of Te Tiriti commitments.