For organisations that are committed to long-term Te Tiriti-honouring change, we can tailor holistic packages that include tailored workshops, along with either strategic planning, evaluation and/or mentoring.

Our services include:

Strategic planning: we’ll help your organisation develop strategies, plans and policies to bring Te Tiriti commitments to life in your organisation.

Evaluation: we’ll help you review and evaluate your core operations, and your programmes, to determine the next steps in your treaty journey

Mentoring: we also provide mentoring and supervision for change-leaders in ally roles.

Rates for tailored solutions are on a sliding scale.

As there is a high demand for this mahi, we prioritise who we work with by considering: beneficial impacts for Māori, organisational commitment to change, reach and relationships.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Tē tōia, tē haumatia
Without planning, people, and a process, nothing can be achieved.