Organisational change

The experiences of organisations engaging with the Treaty may be likened to a sea voyage; there isn’t a fixed route, you must respond to the conditions. Navigation requires preparation and skill. Just as it was for those who travelled great distances by sea to arrive here in Aotearoa, the voyages of organisations engaging with the Treaty may entail periods of calm, of storms, and of many unknown elements. Voyaging requires skill and commitment, but is rewarding and full of possibility.

Wherever you’re at on your organisational Treaty voyage, Groundwork can tailor support to the needs of your organisation. Our services include:

Strategic planning: we’ll help your organisation develop strategies, plans and policies to bring Treaty commitments to life in your organisation.

Facilitating change: we’ll help facilitate new ways of working for your organisation to change and grow.

Evaluation: we’ll help you review and evaluate your core operations, and your programmes, to determine the next steps in your Treaty journey

Tailored training and mentoring: we’ll tailor training in response to sector specific, small-group and individual needs. We also enjoy mentoring people working in community development and ally roles.

Recent clients include: CORE Education, Office of the Children’s Commissioner, Auckland Council, Community Law Centres Aotearoa.

Tē tōia, tē haumatia
Without planning, people, and a process, nothing can be achieved.