Common questions

How much do workshops cost?

Rates are on a sliding scale. The cost depends on workshop length, tailoring, the size and nature of your organisation, and the number of workshops you want. Please contact us.

Can the workshop be tailored to our organisation?

Yes. Workshops are tailored to reflect the focus of your organisation to ensure relevance for participants. There is also base content about the Treaty that is covered in all workshops.

Are your workshops co-facilitated by Māori educators?

Generally, workshops are not co-facilitated. Over the years, we’ve found that Māori staff/advisors within predominantly Pākehā organisations often want the initial groundwork of Treaty education to be done by Pākehā. Workshops are designed to support the on-going work of Māori staff or advisors.

What about Pākehā leading workshops with Māori participants? 

Māori staff should be able to decide whether they would prefer to attend Treaty training run by Māori or Pākehā facilitators, and whether they would prefer to attend training with their Pākehā colleagues or in a separate space.
Many Māori have participated in our workshops over the years and their feedback has been positive.

If you want more information or have a question that is not covered here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.