Offered in conjunction with our foundational Understanding Te Tiriti (concise) or Understanding Te Tiriti (in-depth) workshops, this half-day Applying Te Tiriti workshop supports organisations to take the next step.  The focus is on Te Tiriti in your sector/work and actions to embed Te Tiriti into everyday practice. The workshop covers:

  • Te Tiriti application
    • Relevance of Te Tiriti to our work
    • Elements of successful Te Tiriti application
  • Action planning
    • Te Tiriti as a framework for action
    • Identifying collective actions to uphold Te Tiriti

The workshop is facilitated online via Zoom.
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The content of Applying Te Tiriti is also available as a self-paced online workshop called Ngā Rerenga o Te Tiriti: Te Tiriti in Practice. This provides a flexible and affordable approach in which organisations manage their own learning experience.

Organisations receive a login and move through the workshop content at their own pace. The workshop is designed to be undertaken as a group either together in person or remotely. As well as group discussions and activities, it includes videos, reflective activities and readings. It takes 3-4 hours to complete and can be undertaken in parts. You have access to the workshop for 12 weeks.
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“We recently participated in a blended delivery Applying Te Tiriti o Waitangi workshop and really valued the online and in person learning and discussion. The style of teaching was bold and full of humility – sparking critical thinking about our next steps in honouring Te Tiriti o Waitangi as a community.

Alana Hathaway, General Manager, The Free Store