The State of the Pākehā Nation


Halloween 2017: It’s a balmy spring evening and my daughter and her friend are discussing how it’s way too hot to be dressed up in black. “What were the British thinking? Didn’t they know that when it’s winter there it’s summer here?”

This State of the Pākehā Nation essay, commissioned by Network Waitangi Whāngarei for Waitangi Day, considers what Pākehā need to grapple with to make the Pākehā nation a compelling place for the children of my daughter’s generation.

Drawing inspiration from many sources including events of 2017, friends and mentors in the Treaty movement and workshop participants, the essay explores the necessity to unravel privilege, racism and colonisation, and suggests ways in which Pākehā might work to do so.

It’s here to read to read/hear and share!
State of the Pākehā Nation (PDF) and Podcast


One thought on “The State of the Pākehā Nation

  • Ngā mihi maioha ki a koe e Jen.
    In acknowledgement of this critical work that you do, thank you for your inspiration & motivation to keep this fundamental issue of our nation at the forefront of our minds in our everyday lives, as we continue to forge our way to becoming ‘really pākehā’.
    Kia manawanui tātou i runga i te haerenga nei !


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