Earlier this year, speakers from Aotearoa and around the world participated in an online conference, Te Tiriti Based Futures and Anti-Racism 2020. The webinars are now available online. The organisers have done an amazing job in making these resources available, particularly during trying times. He mihi nunui ki a rātou.

In the webinar 0800Haumi: Allies in Action, Julia Whaipooti (Ngāti Porou) and Jen Margaret (Pākehā) discussed what happens when Pākehā call on Māori for knowledge, support, work and advice etc.

Julia and Jen also discussed how Pākehā acting as haumi (allies) can respond and upskill in response to structural, overt or implicit racism.

Following the webinar, Jen and Julia responded in writing to the many questions that could not be answered live, for lack of time. These responses are available here: 0800HAUMI pātai.

If you want more background to this conversation, check out these other allies resources.

1 thought on “0800Haumi: Allies in action”

  1. Amanda Dobson

    Kia ora Jen,
    Thanks for making this available here for those of us who missed the opportunity to participate in these whakawhiti kōrero. Great that they can be available to refer others to from your website. Much appreciation for the work that you do as a role model of honourable tangata tiriti relationships. Mihi maioha ki a koe e hoa.

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